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Welcome to Crystal Blue

Are you tired of trying to prevent your water from turning green? Are you frustrated with attempting to shock your pools water and had enough trying to figure out the right pH, TA and chlorine balance? Then it is time to call the professional pool cleaners at Crystal Blue Pool Service and let us keep your swimming pool water clean, safe, and Crystal Blue!

Whenever you have a problem related to your spa or swimming pool, you need a local Certified Pool Technician you can call for a solution. We completely love what we do and we look forward to providing you with exceptional pool and spa cleaning, repair and maintenance service dedicated to YOUR satisfaction.

We will handle your weekly pool maintenance for you. Our services range from pool openings and closures, to weekly cleaning, routine maintenance and repairing.

Cleaning and maintaining a pool can be time consuming and frustrating for any homeowner... That's why you need to call Crystal Blue Pool Services, LLC. today and leave your pool worries behind and simply enjoy your pool.

Pool maintenance is an important part of keeping your swimming pool in tip top shape. Check out our top 10 pool maintenance tips.

  • 1. Check and monitor water level once per month
  • 2. Clean and replace filters
  • 3. Keep chemicals stored out of direct sunlight
  • 4. Check pool pH & check total alkalinity (TA)
  • 5. Keep your pool clean and healthy with chlorine
  • 6. Clean out skimmer & pump baskets weekly
  • 7. Vacuum your pool for at least 30 minutes
  • 8. Skim & remove surface debris and clean out baskets
  • 9. Scrub pool walls and floor and exterior walls
  • 10. Hire Crystal Blue Pool Services, LLC.

Crystal Blue Pool Services, LLC.

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