​Filter Cleaning​

To keep your pool looking its best, it is necessary for your filter to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. This is usually necessary at least twice per year, the cost is $85.00 for each cleaning. Any repairs or replacements of parts are an additional charge. There may be more frequent filter cleaning needed if the pool has a lot of swimmers, if the filter is too small, if the pool is heated, if the cartridges need replaced, if dog hair gets into the pool, etc.

Here at Crystal Blue Pool Services, we provide and install replacement filter cartridges for any size pool and pool filter models. We also install entire filter systems that include; Hayward®, Pentair, and Jandy®.

The reason you need to clean or replace your filter cartridge is to allow your pool pump to work more effectively in circulating more water in your pool, which makes your pump work more efficiently, saving you wear and tear, and operational costs.