Cleaning Swimming Pools

Crystal Blue Pools knows the importance of service and maintenance, and are dedicated to offering the best service available in Houston and surrounding areas. Our weekly full service plan rates start at $145 & up. We also offer bi-weekly and monthly services. On all plans, a qualified pool technician will make a trip per week unless otherwise noted. For our full-service plan, our service rates are based on spending an average of 15-30 minutes per pool. Sometimes it will be a little less and other times it may be a little more. During the Spring and summer, we use more chemicals because of increased pool use, hotter weather, and more sun exposure. Generally, there is less debris and therefore service time.
  1. ​Test water balance (​FCI(Br), TCI, Alk, PH, TH, CyA)
  2. ​For salt waters pools, test salt levels​
  3. Brush​ the perimeter tile​
  4. Brush pool walls
  5. Brush pool steps
  6. Vacuum Pool
  7. Clear all surfaces of debris
  8. Empty skimmer ​ baskets​
  9. Empty pool cleaner bag
  10. Empty pump basket
  11. Remove debris from the bottom of the pool such as dirt, leafs, or other accumulations​.​
  12. Backwash filter ( Monthly for DE filters and weekly for sand filters)​.​
  13. Check filter pressure​.​
  14. Make sure the water level is high enough and that the pump is functioning correctly​.
  15. We monitor your pool operation and report any problems.
  16. Leave log sheet inside timer box weekly.

Algae Removal and Prevention

If you are battling algae in your swimming pool, we can offer a pool cleanup and treat the pool to remove the algae. We can then balance out the water properly to prevent the algae from re-occurring. Keeping proper water chemistry is an integral part of preventing algae growth. There are also many different types of algae, and they come from many different sources. Knowledge and experience come into play when dealing with algae buildup in your pool. ​Some types of algae are resistant to the traditional chemicals that are used to balance water, stronger treatments may be required.